These Are Just My Thoughts


Cesar Marquez, Sting Reporter

(He made me a “villain”)
(But I can prove it’s not true)
(He became a “victim”)
(But it’s all just a ruse)

(“He’s a liar!” “He’s fake!”)
(He’s the liar, can’t you see)
(“It’s all lies!” “It’s just a mistake!”)
(He’s trying to make you believe him instead of me)

(I just didn’t want this to happen)
(I just wanted to let it all out)
(But when people wanted him to confess)
(These were the words that came out of his mouth)

(“He’s a liar!”)
(That is something that isn’t true)
(“He’s fake!”)
(Don’t you realize that he’s lying to you?)

None of this made sense
This poem gave me a headache
My thoughts were a reason as to why I wrote it
I think I just need a break