Art Club Painting Room Numbers


Chelsea August

Kerringtyn Malley paints the room number for Mrs. Durbin.

Chelsea August, Sting Reporter

The CHS Art Club has been painting the room numbers outside of every teacher’s classroom for the last few weeks to tailor them to different tastes.
The teachers were able to submit a Google form and list what they would like for their room number and their preferred prefix. This allows the teachers to choose something that is more personal to them to be the first impression to new students. The names of teachers will be included in the numbers, as well, which will make them easier to find.

If you have any questions or input contact Art Club President Mikayla Straight at [email protected], or the Art Club Sponsor, Appel, at [email protected]

Kerringtyn Malley did the artwork for Mrs. Carroll’s room. (Chelsea August)
Chelsea August works on the room information for the Band Room.