Meet The Candidates On New Sting Vlog

Emma Eggemeyer & Bethany Baughman


Noah Wetzel

Homecoming candidates for Chester High School are (front row) Korbin Jany, Camryn Luthy, Bethany Baughman and Evan Bland. In the back are Aidan Blechle, Maleia Absher, Chance Mott, Reese McCormick, Paige Vasquez and Koby Jany.

The Sting’s new Vlog is opening with an introduction to the Homecoming court.
Emma Eggemeyer (who will be joined in the future by Bethany Baughman) prepared this first Vlog featuring the 2022 CHS Homecoming candidates.
The homecoming court will consist of the Junior male competitors Evan Bland and Korbin Jany. The Junior female competitors are Bethany Baughman and Camryn Luthy. The Senior king candidates are Aidan Blechle, Koby Jany, and Chance Mott. The Senior queen candidates are Maleia Absher, Paige Vasquez, and Reese McCormick.