Jackets End Season With Playoff Loss To St. Teresa


Devante Palacio finds a hole in the win over Red Bud.

Evan Bland, Sting Reporter

The Chester Yellow Jackets lost their first playoff game against St. Teresa 49-0 on Saturday, Oct. 29, at Decatur.

Chester knew this was going to be a tough game but still played their hearts out. Zain Al-Jassim had 7 complete passes for 38 passing yards. Lineman Shane Bicket led the team in rushing yards with a total of 18. Devante Palacio had 2 receptions for 21 receiving yards and Gage Hopkins had 3 receptions for 14 receiving yards.

Chester’s defense started out pretty well but couldn’t hold them for too long. Garret Hopkins led the team in total tackles with 9 but Nate Heuer wasn’t far behind with 8 total tackles and 2 tackles for a loss with one being a sack for a loss of 8 yards.. Aden Runge had 5 total tackles and 1 tackle for a loss. Caden Brunkhorst had 4 total tackles and 1 interception.
Chester ended the season 5-5 and won the Illinois Divison of the Cahokia Conference with a perfect 5-0 record.
The Chester Yellow Jackets lost to Pearl City-Eastland 26-14 on Saturday, Oct. 22, in Tremont.
Zain Al-Jassim threw 12 complete passes for 91 passing yards and had 1 touchdown. Aden Runge came into the game after Al-Jassim got injured. Runge had 4 complete passes for 62 passing yards and had 4 carries for 21 rushing yards and 1 rushing touchdown. Devante Palacio had 8 receptions for 83 receiving yards and 1 touchdown.

Gage Hopkins led Chester’s defense in tackles with a total of 7. Nate Heuer had 6 total tackles, Caden Brunkhorst had 5 total tackles, and Matthew James also had 5 total tackles.