Exams Expanded To Three Days


Chelsea August, Sting Reporter

The First Semester Final Exams will take place on Friday, December 16, Monday, December 19, and Tuesday, December 20. The bus porch doors will be open for first period, but anytime after then students will have to enter through the main office. Students only have to attend the periods for which they are not exempt, and they will not be permitted to leave the classroom during an exam period.
Students will be expected in their classrooms no later than the scheduled time, and tardiness will not be tolerated. If a student is tardy, they will not be let in and will have to schedule a make-up exam during one of the designated times. If a student cannot attend one of the designated make-up times on the day of the exams, there will be make-ups held on Tuesday, December 27.
All students should remain in the Cafeteria to wait for transportation during study hall and after their exam periods.
Exam days are open campus. Students are free to leave for breaks and in between exams so long as they return to their next exam on time. If a student does not leave the building in between or after their exams, they will be required to stay in the Cafeteria. Snacks will be available to purchase in the Cafeteria during the breaks.
For December 12-15, students will not have to complete RTI work during their study hall period.