Jackets Hand Wesclin Its First Conference Loss


Clayton Andrews, Sting Reporter

The Chester Yellow Jacket Boys’ Basketball team traveled to Wesclin on January 6th to face off in an important conference game. This was a must-win game for the Yellow Jacket boys to stay in conference contention. Chester won 54-46.
The Chester boys started off the game hot and had gained a 21-point lead midway through the second quarter. Wesclin battled back and dropped the lead to 13 by the half. Chester had a good 3rd quarter and were able to hold their 13-point lead going into the 4th quarter. Wesclin brought the pressure in the 4th and started to make a comeback. Wesclin brought the lead down to 4 with 2 minutes left, but Chester was able to hold onto the ball and hit some free throws leading them to an 8-point win.
Prior to the game, Wesclin had held a 14-0 record in the Cahokia Conference for Boys’ Basketball.

Trace Fricke led Chester with 18 points. Devante Palacio scored 14 points and Chance Mott 13.Gavin Schroeder scored five points and Kolton Jany four.

The Chester boys traveled to Carterville the following day looking to add another big win to their record. Chester started off the game with Carterville traded bucket for bucket, but Carterville pulled away and went into the half up 10. Carterville came out of the half going on an 8-0 run, and Chester was never able to find their way back into the game. The Chester Boys lost 60-37. The Yellow Jackets were led in scoring by Gavin Schroeder and Devante Polacio.

The Chester boys will host the Chester Invitational Tournament the week of Jan. 9th-Jan. 14th. The Jackets will play their first game of the tournament at 7:30 on Tuesday, January 10th, against Perryville High School.