Principal Works to Update Chromebook Policy


Ace Smith

Students Conner Cowan and Jon Renfroe working diligently on chromebooks during 3rd hour.

Ace Smith, Editor

CHS Principal Jeremy Blechle will be getting a committee together to reevaluate the rules and discipline of chromebooks.
“I was put in a tough spot at the beginning of the year and I understand the confusion regarding the chromebooks,” Mr. Blechle said. “However, I am working to have things straightened out by next school year.”

Ever since the first semester of the 2022-2023 school year, students have been able to use chromebooks as an alternative to writing things on paper. While some classes have paper assignments, the majority of classes have online use with added teacher assistance. Now that the second semester has rolled around,  staff and students alike have been confused about the rules. The rules were only shown in presentation form once the entire school year. When previously searching for these rules, there was no mention of “chromebook” in the entire handbook, no slideshow in students’ google documents, and nothing on either school-owned website; Sting and Chester Community School District 139. So what ARE the rules? Why aren’t students and staff aware of these?

Some students and staff think that chromebook chargers can be carried around in school and used by students. However, according to rule 3, “No chargers. Students need to be responsible to charge their chromebooks at home.” To again reiterate, rule 9 states to “Bring (chromebooks) fully charged.” The only time a student should go to the media center, according to the rules, is if a chromebook is experiencing issues; referring to rule 10 which states, “Device must be sent through the help desk (media center) for every repair.”

But what about the pouch that is outside of the chromebook? According to rule 2, “New cases have a pocket on them and there are only 3 items allowed in the pocket. Writing utensils, calculators, and cell phones.” Well, what about the chromebooks being put in backpacks? Rule 5 states that, “Chromebooks can only be transported in the case provided,” meaning that any transportation that isn’t carrying the case will likely cause damage.

The slideshow has now finally been released to the Sting for students and staff to look back on and review. However, currently there is no disciplinary policy. That is currently under administrative consideration. There will be updates to come.

For further information, please contact the administration.