Remembering Dylan


Dylan Hamilton tosses a football on a beach in Florida.

Paige Hamilton, Sting Reporter

There are many memorable moments I have had with my brother Dylan Hamilton throughout his life, between the Florida vacations and the bickering on who will do the chores. He has made the 15 whole years of my life literally the best. I wouldn’t trade the times that I spent with him for the world.

Dylan was funny, outgoing, and the most friendly person you would ever talk to. He loved to fish, play video games with his buddies, and, of course, make people laugh (he was sure good at it, too). The many years that I was blessed to have with him flew by like nobody’s business, and I sure wish I could take some back. He loved to see smiles on people’s faces. He was so inspiring to me.

All of the Florida trips that we had taken will always be remembered. Glancing back, I remember him chasing me around on the beach, just to push me into the ocean. Even just the simple throwing of a football back and forth. I remember the last trip we took with him; we sat and suffered on a boat just for him to be able to deep sea fish. Even though I was extremely seasick, I loved watching him do what he loved to do.

We went to Florida about every summer mostly for him to be able to fish because that was the biggest thing that he loved to do. But, what I always remember are the times we spent together on the beach. As my parents sat on beach towels, Dylan and I would be running around and boogie boarding through the waves.

Something other than the Florida trips would definitely have to be the car rides home with him. They were chaotic, but I loved them. When I got into his car from a long day at school, he would be blasting his music, of course. As soon as we would take off, he would blame his driving on the wind or he would break check at a stop sign and say “These brakes are too touchy!” He did these things because he knew that I was tired, and he wanted to liven things up a little bit.

All Dylan wanted in his life was to have a good time. The guys at the family business always talk about how the shop is quiet without him there to crack some jokes to make the day better. He made a big impact on so many people’s lives.

Editor’s Note: Dylan Hamilton, Chester High School Class of 2020, died in an ATV accident March 26, 2022.