Scholar Bowl Team Dominates New Athens


Cesar Marquez

Chase Gilbert, Will Welge, Garret Hopkins, Nico DeGuzman and Rylie McDonough led Chester to a varsity win over New Athens.

Cesar Marquez, Sting Reporter

Chester High School Scholar Bowl team goes up against New Athens on Wednesday, February 1.
JV won the first match 250-60. Will Welge gained 6 toss-up questions answered and Nico DeGuzman had 4 toss-up questions answered.
The Varsity team also won against New Athens 300 – 40. Garret Hopkins gained 9 toss-up questions answered, Rylie McDonough with 3 toss-up questions, and Will Welge with 2 toss-up questions.
The Scholar Bowl team has a home match Feb. 8 against Gibault.

Cesar Marquez, Erin Liefer, Will Welge, Nico DeGuzman and Ash Pfeiffer led the JV to a win over New Athens. (Chase Gilbert)