Mikayla’s Album-A-Day Challenge 5

Mikayla Straight, Sting Reporter

Day 29 – Audioslave by Audioslave
Notes: Amazing grunge album. Chris Cornell’s vocals never miss.
Favorite Song: Like A Stone

Day 30 – AM by Arctic Monkeys
Notes: Good Alternative Album. Loved the overall melancholic tone. Great bass guitar.
Favorite Song: No. 1 Party Anthem

Day 31 – End Of An Era by Loveless
Notes: I found this band through their cover of MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT by Elley Duhé, and this
album kept the same tone as that cover. Loved the guitar and drums.
Favorite Song: IS IT ME

Day 32 – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band by The Beatles
Notes: This album is very soothing. Just listening to this album makes me draw connections to
modern music. It is amazing how much influence this band had on music.
Favorite Song: A Day In The Life

Day 33 – Montero by Lil Nas X
Notes: I liked this album. It was well made, but I don’t think it is my type of music.
Favorite Song: Am I Dreaming

Day 34 – Cry Baby by Melanie Martinez
Notes: I really like this album. It is a nice alt-pop album with great electronic sound. Love her
soft tone throughout the album.
Favorite Song: Pacify Her

Day 35 – A Rush Of Blood To The Head by Coldplay
Notes: It is a slow album. Take that how you will. Felt very meaningful.
Favorite Song: The Scientist