Mikayla’s Album-A-Day Challenge 7

Mikayla Straight, Sting Reporter

Album a Day – Week 7

Day 43 – White Pony by Deftones
Notes: I really like this album. Great instruments, great vocals
Favorite Song: Change (In The House Of Flies)

Day 44 – Parachutes by Coldplay
Notes: Melancholy. Good study music.
Favorite Song: Yellow

Day 45 – In Rainbows by Radiohead
Notes: I love love love Radiohead. This album did not disappoint. I loved it.
Favorite Song: House Of Cards

Day 46 – Celebrity Skin by Hole
Notes: Great grunge album. I loved the style and would definitely recommend it.
Favorite Song: Boys On The Radio

Day 47 – Pinkerton by Weezer
Notes: Typical Weezer album. It is good, and I would listen again, but it is such a weird album.
Favorite Song: Pink Triangle

Day 48 – Favourite Worst Nightmare by Arctic Monkeys
Notes: I really enjoyed this album. Great sound. Like the guitar.
Favorite Song: Do Me A Favour

Day 49 – Ten by Pearl Jam
Notes: I loved this album. There are so many good songs on this album. I highly recommend a listen.
Favorite Song: Jeremy