Scholar Bowl Team Takes 3rd In Conference


Cesar Marquez

TJ Lyons, Rylie McDonough, Garret Hopkins, Will Welge and Nico DeGuzman strategize their next answer at the conference.

Cesar Marquez, Sting Reporter

Chester High School Scholar Bowl team placed 3rd at the Cahokia Conference tournament on Monday, February 27, at Breese Central.
The team went up against three different teams, losing only one round, and placing 3rd in the final round.
This time, only 20 questions were asked instead of 25. In the first round, Chester went up against Sparta, winning 270-150. Rylie McDonough got 2 toss-up questions, Garret Hopkins had 7 toss-ups, Nico DeGuzman 2 toss-ups, and Will Welge 1 toss-up.
The second round was against Wesclin, losing 340-210. Garret Hopkins had 2 toss-up questions, Will Welge 2 toss-ups, and Nico Deguzman 1 toss-up.
And finally in the third round, Chester won to finish in 3rd place overall. Rylie McDonough answered 5 toss-ups and Garret Hopkins 2 toss-ups.
The Chester High School Scholar Bowl team will be going to regionals in March. Go Team!