Scholar Bowl Team Finished 5th In Regional


Cesar Marquez

Competing at regional are Rylie McDonough, Ash Pfeiffer, Garret Hopkins, Will Welge and Nico DeGuzman.

Cesar Marquez, Sting Reporter

The Chester Scholar Bowl Team placed 5th at Regionals on March 7.
Chester went up against 2 teams before being eliminated in the second round.
In the first round, Chester competed against Christopher, winning 440 – 190. Rylie McDonough was able to answer 5 toss-up questions along with 4 bonus questions, Garret Hopkins answered 5 toss-ups and 15 bonuses, Will Welge answered 1 toss-up and 2 bonuses, Nico DeGuzman answered 4 toss-up questions and 1 bonus, TJ Lyons answered 1 toss-up and 2 bonuses, and finally Chase Gilbert answered 3 bonuses.
In the second round, against Johnston City, Chester lost 540-210. Rylie McDonough answered 6 toss-ups and 2 bonuses, Ash Pfeiffer answered 2 bonuses, Garret Hopkins 7 bonuses, Will Welge 1 bonus, and Nico DeGuzman 2 bonuses.
Johnston City went on to win the regional, but Chester gave the champs their toughest contest. In the finals, Johnston City wiped out West Frankfort by a score of 650-110.