Tabletop Gaming Club Forms

First meeting Nov. 6

Andy Bryant, Sting Reporter

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The Chester School Board met Oct, 18 to decide the fate of a young man’s dream to get a club specifically for playing tabletop games. The Chester School Board passed the club at their meeting on October 18th. The young man was Andy Bryant, and the following morning of October 19th, 2018, Chester High School Principal Missy Meyer informed an excitedly nervous Andy of the club’s passing.

The sponsor for this club is Ms. Carolyn Kish. The youth involved are Andy Bryant, Kaleb Rehmer, Karl Mattingly, Jenna Bierman, Nicholas James, Eli Mokriakow, Jaci South, Preston Heins, Blake Zappa, Corbin Fricke, Joshua Remer, and Nate Rains.

The club’s name is the Tabletop Gaming Club, and the first meeting will be on Tuesday, Nov. 6, after school for no more than an hour to decide who will the fearless leader of the club.

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Tabletop Gaming Club Forms