A Review of “Saw” 1 and 2 and a little bit of 7

Julia Nicole Venus, Sting Reporter

As someone who has seen all nine of the current set of Saw movies ever made, I feel that I am qualified to comment on the good and the bad in these films. I’ll start by saying that you definitely have to be interested in the horror genre to even remotely like this series, especially gory horror. The Saw movies also have a mystery element to each of them and are very plot driven, at least the first two anyway with an honorable mention to Saw 7. The first movie in the series was released in 2004 and wreaks the early 2000s with its blue-filtered camera lens. The movie is considered a very low budget film with its whole production only costing around $1 million to execute. That may seem like a larger sum of money, but in the movie-making business, that’s nothing. Without giving too much away, the Saw movies follow the story of a “killer” nicknamed Jigsaw whose identity is unknown to the police. All of Jigsaw’s victims perish in his elaborate traps that they’ve all been put in because they either lack something or don’t truly appreciate their lives in Jigsaw’s eyes. The traps are gruesome and brutal to those who lose to them. The person behind the traps technically isn’t a murderer since all people who’ve died in the traps set off the events that killed them themselves, hence my air quotes around the word killer when I first mentioned it. Both of the first two movies in the series have such unexpected twists in their plotlines with, again, an honorable mention to Saw 7. When victims of the saw traps are found by police, each of them is found with a puzzle or jigsaw piece carved out of their skin, which is why Jigsaw is called Jigsaw. It is revealed throughout the series that Jigsaw does this to show that a piece was missing from each individual who endured a trap. In regards to the first movie, there is only one person who has ever made it out of a saw trap alive, her name being Amanda. Her “trial” was to get a reverse bear trap off of her head in time before it set off. The reverse bear trap is an iconic piece of memorabilia to the Saw fandom and is actually seen many times throughout the series. The character Amanda actually makes a re-appearance in Saw 2 when she is anguished to find that she has been put into another saw trap but this time with a group of other people. And that is all that I can gush about these movies without giving too much away, so my ratings for each Saw Movies are: Movie 1 – 9/10, Movie 2 – 8/10, Movie 7 – 7/10. Movies 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 9 are really just terrible and not worth watching at all, in my opinion, but I will still make sure to watch every new one that comes out, no matter how awful, because I’m too invested in the series.