The Sting


To Be Forever — Romeo and Juliet

by Emma Bryant

We became star-crossed lovers
And it could be bad if it uncovers
I wish we had known before
Our irrational feelings had developed more

We fell deeply in love within day one
We believed the days would last with our fun
I soon became aware of his awful last name
Soon I realized how unimportant and lame
It was just a name in which does not matter
Oh! How he made my heart pitter- patter.
“Call a rose by another name would smell as sweet”
He was my missing piece, with him I’m complete!
We were wed on the exact same day
But then were made to go our separate way.
For no one knew about our encounter
And we had to rush home before the end of the hour

It wasn’t much later when I heard the news
I didn’t know how to feel, but it gave me the blues
Tybalt had completely perished,
By the one I had most cherished.
He was my loving cousin, yet had so much hate
I was lost in feelings, it used to be so great!
Romeo was then ban from our devout land
I started going frantic! Nothing was planned
Before he left he came to say goodbye
My tears he did try to wipe away and dry.
I felt like my soul was being ripped out
He said it would all be fine, but I had doubt.
As soon as you left life began to crumble
I was being forced to wed, I knew I was in trouble
I tried to fight, but I’m no use against my dad
He basically disown me! I knew he was mad
I was right nothing was fine at all!
I couldn’t do anything, but ball.
“Die in the streets” he would rather if I not wed Paris
I had to talk to the Friar, so I climbed out of my terrace
He knew just what to do, a new, better plan
I was to fake my death, You’re such a wise man!
I ran home exclaiming I shall marry him
Father moved up the wedding! Oh, so grim
I knew I’d have to act fast, I drank it and saw my light dim.

When I awoke I was in a different place
I smiled thinking this plan was a total ace!
But then I looked over and saw my dear
I was overwhelmed and so full of fear.
What had happened? Why is thou gone?
Had the plan been a fail? Why was I such a moron?
Had the Friar not held up his important end?
Nothing bad was to happen! Now we are in a dead-end
I leaned down to kiss him “Thy lips are warm!”
I thought we would be simple, and always conform.
I saw his face losing color and I knew he died
I had once been his loving faithful bride.
But now? I was a monster for I caused the corruption
I knew this was all my fault and I had an eruption.
How was I so selfish and mean? Am I a killer?
Not long ago we had loved and had our own thriller
I wouldn’t live without my live, my only hope
I had to act swiftly and there was no seen rope
So I grabbed his “Happy dagger” and ended it

Now we can always be together,
This is what it took to be forever.

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