Red Cross Visits Chester

Student Council Sponsors Halloween Blood Drive

Jaci South


Jaci South

Maeghan Fuller donated blood at the drive Oct. 31.

Ryn Petrowske and Jenna Bierman

The Chester High School student Council were able to collect 39 pints of blood during the drive Oct. 31.

“Thank you to everyone who donated blood at this year’s blood drive!” said Student Council President Ryn Petrowske.

Every person to successfully donate blood got a chance to win one of the four fall/Halloween-themed baskets provided by each class. The winners of the baskets were: Ms. Kish, Chloe Page-Kein, Serenity Morrison, and Rinoa DeLay. Congratulations winners!

With one blood drive over, we can look forward to the next one which will be held in February or March.