“God of War 4” Review

Juan Welge, Sting Reporter

For those who don’t know what the 2019 game God of War 4 is, it’s essentially a game where you are a Spartan named, Kratos. You and your son, Atreus, set off to scatter your wife’s ashes after you cremated her. If you didn’t have any good father or mother moments in your life, then strap in because this has a lot of that in this game! But let’s have a look back before what he is like currently.
Way back in God of War 1, Kratos was more violent than how he is in the current game. He would kill anything and anyone if it got in his way, all for the name of Sparta. Just to let you know, this took place in Greek Mythology. He was the youngest and boldest Spartan leader, leading the Spartan army through many battles. But at one battle with the Pantheons, he was about to meet his death. But victory to Kratos was worth any sacrifice, even his own soul. So he made a deal with the original God of War, Ares. Kratos made a deal that he would become his servant on earth if Ares saved him, and his fate was sealed. He became a servant to Ares; he became a monster and lost his humanity as part of the deal. Then one fateful night, he killed his wife and daughter out of rage. With that act, he knew he could no longer serve the God of War. So he went on a journey to find Pandora’s box. It holds the power for a mortal to kill a god. After retrieving the box, Ares sensed Kratos retrieved the box, and so he killed him. But Kratos wasn’t going to give up that easy. So he escaped hell and returned to the living. Kratos opened Pandora’s box and used the power to kill Ares; a mortal killing a god.
This whole journey was to relieve him of his nightmares about killing his wife and daughter. After it was complete, the goddess Athena promised his sins to be forgiven, but never promised to take away his nightmares. He then tried suicide to relieve his nightmares, but Athena didn’t let Kratos die. Instead, she made him the new God of War. This continued until God of War 3, where Kratos sought vengeance upon Zeus. He killed him using the power of hope that was stored from within Pandora’s box. After that, the spirit of Athena (because Kratos killed her in GOW 2 by accident), tried to reclaim that power to rebuild humanity and make her its new ruler. But Kratos pierced his stomach with the Blade of Olympus (the blade was created by Zeus to end the war between the titans and gods), and returned the power of hope to humanity. His story in Greek mythology ends with a blood trail leading off a cliff, and begins in Norse mythology. To have a better experience, I would look up gameplay off YouTube or play it yourself on PS4.