Students Back In Classroom


Lily Koch, Assistant Editor

Chester High School students returned to in-person learning on Wednesday, May 5.

Following a school board meeting Saturday, the return schedule was established.

Principal Melissa Meyer said a large number of students on quarantine were scheduled to return that day. A Monday return was impractical because the school would be unable to serve lunch. Because of the large number of students who would still need to be on remote, it was decided to make Tuesday an off-day for students. Teachers used that date as a planning day.

CCSI students returned to their 2-hour day starting Tuesday.

While a large number of students came off quarantine Wednesday, there are still others who cannot return that soon.

“If your student’s quarantine day falls after this day, they will return on their original date,” Mrs. Meyer said in an all-call.

Athletics and other extra-curricular activities also resumed Monday on a voluntary basis.

Play dates for Shrek have been rescheduled to May 7-10 and 12-14.

As we all know, on April 27th students received the message that we would be fully remote April 28 till May 7 and many students were devastated.
On April 27, there was one student with a positive test, but due to contact tracing approximately 65 students were quarantined. This caused the administration to sit down and discuss the best plan of action. They decided that the best solution would be to put everyone in a quarantine situation to hopefully prevent more cases. Due to the quarantine, softball, baseball, track, and the CHS musical have to reschedule everything for the next 10 days. The students were at musical practice at their last dress rehearsal before the show when the news broke. Many left crying, because this is the second time the show has been changed and this causes tremendous stress on students trying to keep up their grades. Now there is at least one more positive COVID 19 case and more students being quarantined.
It is sad to see the students lose their last bit of this school year after the mad chaos of the first semester. The students have all been very frustrated with the whole situation and many feel as though we have been left in the dark.