Student Council Officers Elected

Haley Hoskin, Sting Reporter

The Chester High School student council officers were elected in August.
This year’s officers are
President- Madison Kribs
Vice President- Emma Bryant
Secretary/Treasurer- Abby Bollman
Social Chair- Addy Mitchell
Extra-Curricular Chair- Trace Fricke

Senior class officers are.
President- Hannah Blechle.
Vice President- Alex Henrich.
Secretary- Maria Nickle
Treasurer- Anna Childs
Sponsors: Durbin and Kish

Class Representatives
Kylie Fortner
Emily Mehrer

President- Emma Eggemeyer
Vice President- Paige Vasquez
Secretary- Aidan Blechle
Treasurer- Ace Smith
Class representatives
Maleia Absher
Briley Miles

Vice President- Camryn Luthy
Secretary- Bethany Baughman
Treasurer- Anarosa Ruiz
Sponsors: Appel and Werner
Class Representatives
Jasmine Meredith
Josalyn Anaya

President- McKenna LaChance
Vice President- Ary Shipley
Secretary- Rylie Conley
Sponsors: Boyd and Clendenin
Class Representatives
Sadie Sellers
Eli Stout

Student Council is a student-led organization that gives students an opportunity to show their leadership skills and see if they have what it takes to be a good leader. Advisors Mrs. Hammel and Mrs. Miller don’t lead the meeting, they are just sponsors and let the students do everything that they plan, they just give them a space to excel.
The goals for students in this club are having good leadership skills. The sponsors have high expectations of each student for themselves (the students) to become successful and better people. Very excited already because they are already getting things done and starting.
Mrs. Miller is excited to learn what the student council is all about and to learn all the ropes. Mrs. Hammel is super excited to be working with Mrs. Miller. She was very nervous her first day of school because she didn’t know who was going to help out, if anyone. She is also excited to see all the challenges that the Student Council faces, due to COVID and how they will overcome them, like they did last year. This is what determines what kind of person you are, if it gets hard and you throw your hands up, or if they try to work it out and push through. They are excited to see the students have to be flexible and Mrs. Hammel hasn’t ever been so proud as she was last year.