Jackets Edge Carlyle, 13-12


Nate Heuer had ten tackles for Chester.

Evan Bland, Sting Reporter

The Chester Yellow Jackets beat Carlyle 13-12 on Friday, Sept. 30, in Chester.

Chester’s offense came out hot against Carlyle, ending their opening drive with a rushing touchdown by Will Schuwerk.
After a turnover, the Jackets scored a passing touchdown in the first quarter. Zain Al-Jassim passed for 57 yards and threw a 35-yard touchdown pass to Devante Palacio, Palacio had 2 receptions for 42 receiving yards. Schuwerk led Chester in rushing yards with a total of 138 yards.

Chester’s defense was elite against Carlyle. Nate Heuer had 10 total tackles and 3 tackles for a loss, Shane Bicket had 13 total tackles and 1 tackles for a loss, Matthew James had 8 total tackles and 1 tackles for a loss, and Trenton Eggemeyer had 7 total tackles. Chester’s defense played extremely well, holding Carlyle to only 12 points.