CHS Tutoring Program

Johanna Frazer, Sting Reporter

The CHS tutoring program is an after-school program that takes place on Tuesdays and Thursdays in Mrs. Hankins’ room (115).
The teachers that are in charge of this program are Mr. Lochead, Mrs. Clendenin, and Mrs. Hankins.
This program has helped many students achieve better grades, a better understanding of different subjects, and easier schooling overall. This program gives students an opportunity to talk to a teacher one-on-one about any topic they are struggling with. There were many people who decided that a tutoring program would be beneficial here at CHS. One reason a tutoring program was added is because CGS has a similar one, and it helped some students bring up their grades drastically.
The tutoring program started last year at CHS, although there was a major participation issue. Even students who were failing decided that they did not want to participate in tutoring. This has changed this school year. There are more kids willing to take part in tutoring and get a passing grade this year. The program will end close to the end of the school year.
Anyone and everyone can come to tutoring; they can do this by officially signing up in the counseling department at CHS or just stopping by a meeting. Students can come to any meeting any time of year.
The CHS staff thinks tutoring has been very beneficial to the students. They also believe that it is a great way for a student to turn their year around and get better grades.