Regarding Your Daughter


Julia Nicole Venus

When did you stop loving her?
Was it when she grew up too fast?
How could she have known,
her childhood would barely last?

Was it when her passions died,
and left her boring and depressed?
Or was it when she stopped trying so much,
no longer concerned about doing her best.

Why couldn’t she make life more worthwhile?
Sure, she made the A’s,
but she did so with no smile.

Were you not pleased with the way she spoke,
wrote, sang, and the art she made?
Were you always so disinterested?
When did you notice she’d started to fade?

How could you stop loving her?
YOU were all she had!
Were you just not proud of her?
Was she really all that bad?

Why didn’t you stop her from shutting down?
What was her unpaid fee?
I never stopped loving you,
when did you stop loving me?